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Latest updates:

Moved JoyNet documentation to the MAP, and cleaned up, updated and merged text (link). Updated Funet links, added MSX mailinglist archive links.

Added Tanni’s ‘A taste of VHDL’ tutorial (link).

Added information to the PSG samples article about its logarithmic volume scale, and how to play 8-bit samples on the PSG (link). Thanks go to Arturo Ragozini for pointing this out.

Fixed cut-off values in some timings in the Z80 instruction set overview, and added undocumented and R800 instructions and timings (link). Also optimized the Div16 routine, thanks to Flyguille (link).

Added information about memory mapper, PPI and subslot select register to I/O ports overview (link).

Added stub article with MSX Basic tips & tricks (link).

Added code of method to call SUBROM from MSX-DOS (link). Additionally, added some slot-management related addresses to the System Variables overview (link).

Added info about the #6F register for the Gfx9000’s v7040 chip (link).

(Older updates)

The goal of the MAP is to be the ultimate source of information for the MSX programmer or programmer-to-be. The main target is assembly language, because that’s what the maintainers’ preferred programming language is, but most information will be useful to users of other languages as well. The MAP is currently maintained by TNI members BiFi and GuyveR800. Formerly Grauw was part of the team, but he quit the team.

Where to start

The site is divided into several sections, which you can select from at the top. The Articles section contains several articles about several topics, ranging from tutorials for beginners to advanced programming techniques. Resources contains a number of of technical references and datasheets. The Sources section contains our collection of source code. This includes both short, common routines, which you might want to use in your program, aswell as the sources of several big well-known programs. In the Download section you will find several useful, even necessary, tools which are programming related. And finally, there is the Links section, with links to other development-related sites. Furthermore, if you have any MSX programming or MAP site related questions, you can ask them at the #msxdev @ Rizon IRC channel.

Please note that nothing of this page its content may be reproduced by any means without the prior permission of the MSX Assembly Page or the original author. We have put a lot of effort in collecting all this information and also wrote a large number of the articles ourselves (being the ones marked with a MAP bullet bullet), and we ask everyone to respect our efforts and author’s rights. Ofcourse linking to us is always allowed. For more legal information read the Disclaimer.

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If you would like to see something added to this site, or if you have any comments about the content, feel free to email us about it! It is a tough job to do this all by ourselves, and we can make mistakes, and we don’t always know what’s best either. If you want to submit something for publication on this site, you can email it to us as well, preferrably in clean XHTML Strict layout because that will save us some time. For more details, just take a look at the source of one of the pages.

And if you feel like you could contribute something more to this site, like write articles about a certain subject on a more regular base, or digitize some documents, we’d really appreciate it. You can email us at

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