MSX Assembly Page

Older Updates

Added Z80 instruction set reference (link). Also, linked to Funet source code repositories, and linkified DOS2 reference table of contents.

Fixed Mult32 routine (link).

Added log functions with more detailed UA stats (link).

Updated key matrices article again (link), and updated the I/O ports overview with PSG ports (link).

Hosting all resources ourselves now, amongst others because unfortunately many of the documentation files on funet are broken. Also updated key matrices article (link).

Added a stub article about the T9769B (link).

Added MARMSX's 19268 colors on MSX 2+ article to external articles (link).

Redesigned site structure somewhat. If you linked or bookmarked one of the section indices, please update your links. Also added a style changer (link).

On capable browsers (Firefox), the MAP is now using true XHTML.

Added Panasonic FS-A1FM's Modem ROM info in I/O ports overview (link). Also added link to MARMSX tools.

Got rid of the ?p= style linking. This should improve the indexing of the MAP by search engines such as Google.

In the 'Multiplications and divisions using shifts' article (link), replaced the square root routine with a new (faster) one, thanks to Ricardo Bittencourt. Also added a link to the MSX Banzai Gfx9000 programmer's manual and Development FAQ in the external articles section. Finally, added the 'Z80 Bits' article kindly provided by Petr Petyovsky from the Sinclair scene, also in the external articles section.

Updated the 'Multiplications and divisions using shifts' article (link) with the following: fixed bugs in Div16 and renamed it to Div15 because the divider could only be 15 bits max; there is a new Div16 available offering support for all 16 bits. Also changed Mult12 unrolled version's routine name to Mult12U, and optimized the ld l,0 here aswell. Furthermore, added a square root Sqr16 routine by Arjan Bakker (based on the one published in MCCM). And finally, re-calculated all timing figures to include M1 wait states

Applied gamma correction to the screen 8 palette from yesterday's update, to make it sRGB, and updated the article again (link). Thanks to Maarten ter Huurne.

Replaced the screen 8 palette file with one with the 'proper' colours for Blue. Also wrote a little explanation why in the VDP programming guide article (link). Updated the downloads section aswell with some new tools.

Added the Japanese keyboard layout (link). Thanks to Manuel Bilderbeek.

Updated the keyboard matrices article, and added the Russian keyboard layout (link). For that, many thanks to Stanislav Borutsky.

Added an 'external articles' section and put up a couple of links to amongst others interesting articles on MCCW.

Wrote a resource about I/O ports on MSX (link). Updated the resources section with a fair number of new documentation and added mirrors. Linked to a couple more sites in the links section. Also made the tables look a little prettier.

Updated the fast loops article (link), added notice to the screensplit programming guide (link).

Official release of the MSX Assembly Page. Also removed the inactive forum section and replaced it with a new links section.

Did some work on the downloads section, introduced 'MAP' bullets (MAP bullet) to indicate MAP-authored documents.

Added article about playing samples on the PSG.

Added MSX-DOS2 documentation. Updated VDP commands speed test article.

Updated the VDP commands speed tests article, added downloads section.

Finished the screen split programming guide and the VDP programming tutorial. Also put up BiFi's profile and made a couple of minor corrections.

New: a VDP programming tutorial, a keymatrices article, a switch RAM in page 1 source, links to hardware application manuals (OPL4 & v9990), and a list of planned articles. Also rewrote the disclaimer and did some work on the layout.

Updated multiplications & divisions article.