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Grauw - about

Name: Laurens Holst
Nick: Grauw
Occupation: Student (computer science)
Hobbies: Anime, programming, music, music, gaming, TV, reading.
Skills: MSX Z80 assembly, bit ARM assembly, Java, C++, Haskell, XHTML, CSS, bit PHP, and a bit AGE5 gfx.

I started MSX Assembly programming when I was about 12, 13 years old. Before that, I programmed a little in Basic, and I also know a little Logo ;). Currently I am still keeping my MSX spirit alive with amongst others programming, writing an article once in a while, chatting on the #msxdev@rizon IRC channel, and a little web design.

As far as programming is concerned, I have started quite some projects which I never finished (yet! ^_^), so there aren't too many programs of which you can say, ah, that's something Grauw created. However, you might remember the diskmagazine Track and a couple of music disks from the Dutch group Datax, and I also coded a part of one of Kenda's music disks (they were from Belgium). After that, I created a couple of small programs, for example a tool with which you can send and receive files to and from a TI-83 calculator, and I also made a dev kit for it (since the TI-83 is Z80 based, you can just use your favorite MSX Assembler). Another thing I made is a fast ANSI RS232 terminal, however it is still very very alpha, and also a standalone YMODEM-G download tool, but I haven't published that one yet. It reaches a speed of 7kb/s, and I'm quite proud of that ^_^ (about twice as fast as Erix).

Nowadays I am a member of TNI, and I also organize the MSX fair in Bussum. Projects I am currently working on are some experiments with the Gfx9000, DOS 3, which if it is ever finished should become pretty awesome, and occasionally a couple of datacommunications related projects. I am also working on a few game-engines (RPG, RTS), with the help of my brand new v9958. What exactly I work on depends on my mood, and hence they're not progressing really fast as I want to do them all at the same time :).

Grauw @ MAP

I partaked in this project because a site such as this one has already been on my wishlist, and when I heard about MAP I liked it instantly. I have created the new MAP site design, and I wrote a number of articles. Then I blatantly hijacked the site by copying it to my own domain and pretended it was mine.

Amongst others I have written the following articles: