MSX Assembly Page


The MSX Assembly Page (MAP) group's target is to support the beginning as well as the more advanced MSX programmer by providing them with high quality information about the MSX and its programming tools, of which assembly is the programming language which is mainly used. Therefore an information distribution source is set up on the Internet, by and for the MSX community. The members of the MSX Assembly page will actively collect the information and publish it in easy accessible format on the MSX Assembly website. The MAP has no commercial target; all activities are done by volunteers on a non-profit base.

The information disclosed on the MAP website or other means of communications will remain the intellectual property of the author, often members of the MAP group. By making source code and programs available to the MSX Assembly Page the author gives us permission to publish it on our website and in other publications by the MSX Assembly group. The MSX Assembly group will offer sources unaltered. Programs built with unmodified source code published on this site may not be offered for sale other than with explicit permission of the author. When large parts of source code published on this page are used in a program, it is required to name the original author in the product, with recognition of his right as author. Also, mentioning the MSX Assembly Page would be nice ^_^.

If the MSX Assembly Page group discovers or is informed of any form of misuse of our service, and the offender fails to cease the abuse after repeated warnings, steps will be taken to prevent the abuse in the future. Also, by wide publication on the current MSX information channels the misuse will be made known to the MSX community and the authors.

The members of the MSX Assembly Page have the obligation to make the information available on Internet for long-term. When the group can no longer guarantee the availability of the information by itself, for example because the web page maintenance activities of the group have ended, the information will be made available to the public on the usual archives such as Funet.